Welcome Everybody at the #Octoper campaign!

What is Octoper?
Octopus x October = Octoper

What is our purpose?
We want to encourage all the crocheters and handcraft lovers to make octopuses for newborn babies.

Why not just preemies?
Because all the little babies deserve the best bedtime friend from the first day. On one hand the octopus shape and legs are calm down them, and make them feel safe, like they were at mommy’s womb. On the other hand a handmade little friend is always the best. Its made by the bestest, with lots of love and last but not least it has a small eco footprint. So let’s crochet for all the newborn babies little octopus friends!

Where is this campaign coming from?
We are two slovak crochet crafters, but it doesn’t mean country borders can stop us! No matter where you are, start to crochet for the babies around you!

How can You support our campaign?
Just keep on crochet octopuses! Or if you are not a crochet fanatic, you can buy 100% cotton yarns and send it to us or other crocheters near to you. If you really far away from any yarn addiction, just make some repost about us. Im sure you are a good media campaigner!

Can other crocheters join to our campaign? Shall they organize workshop under the name Octoper?
Yes, absolutely yes! Feel free to write us and we send you the logos that you can use to your Octoper campaign. Nothing can be better than sharing!

What about the tottaly not handcrafter but love sharers? What is their task?
We will upload our logos to our website so you can print it and share it to everyone.
(The logo credits goes to @eveczifra our talented illustrator!)